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     Life Skills

         (Social, Rural, and traditional family life ways)

           If you feel isolated, cut off, disoriented in your community, job, and social life, the experience of living in Limestone Village may change your life. The philosophy of the rural village comes through from every craftsman, staff, and resident.

          Who you are is not necessarily what you think, or how you feel, it is what you do. In Limestone Village you will be adding new skills, refining them, and creating a passion in your life for your preferred craft. You will connect with other craftsmen of that craft, and should maintain that connection after you return home.

          A craftsman is not just a skilled person, it is a person who creates products for other people. A craftsman is by nature giving to others. Rural villagers realize that life gains meaning through giving to others.

          In a village, a person is known by what he does. “The hat makes the man.” The baker is a person who gets up at 4 am, to bake fresh goods for his friends and neighbors. This gift of quality delicious baked goods is rewarding to the baker.

          The carpenter knows that his gift of a work of art will be appreciated by the person who buys it, and that this work will continue giving pleasure to others for generations.

          When a craftsman teaches others his craft, he knows that this is a gift that will be passed on, and enrich that person forever.

          Volunteers throughout America have learned this concept. When they give of themselves, it connects them to others, and creates new circles of human interaction that builds the community, and strengthens each person that gives and each person that receives.

          In a village, connections are built by sharing experiences, by giving of yourself, by sharing your craft, by helping others, and by knowing that the others are there for you (they have your back), just as you are there for them.

          Even after you leave the village, you will know that the connection is not broken. You will share your experience and craft with others. You will, through repeated visits, maintain that connection with the other students you met, and the craftsmen who taught you, and the staff, and you will feel less isolated, less alone, and you know you have value to yourself, and to others.