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       Prices and reservations      




          Yellow Dog Village, circa, 1910

                   Come and stay in the village for a week, and learn rural skills from our craftsmen!

       Each reservation includes housing, and one skill class each day. Additional skill classes are additional.

        Two skill sessions are held each day, lasting up to 2 1/2 hours each. Morning sessions start at 9 am, Afternoon sessions start at 1:30.

                                                          one person   reservation:     $395

                                                          couple reservation:                        $695

                                                         each additional person:       $195

                                                extra skills reservation:                    $175

(Example: the amount for a couple who comes for a week, and choose two skills lessons per day, would be $1,045.)


(Includes staying in period housing, ice for ice box,

                   bottled drinking water, and one skills session per person.

                          Extra skills sessions are added as requested for extra fees.)


                   (Additional features, such as personal livestock to care for

                   are additional, to be discussed at reservation time)





          Reservation arrangements and any reservation questions can also be done at this time through email at: