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      Schedule for weekly visitors


Sunday morning:

          Services at the church across the creek, and many local churches.


            Sunday afternoon: 1 to 6 pm      registration and moving in


          Sunday evening at 7pm: orientation


Monday - through Friday    

          6 8 am -- family breakfast time

          8:30 to 10 am       first skills session

          10:30 to noon       second skills session

          Noon to 2pm       lunch

          2pm to 3:30                   third skills session

          3:30 to 6pm                   family supper time

          7pm to 8:30                   choices of entertainment, discussion,

                                      and historical lessons


Saturday morning 8 am to noon

          Checkout for those leaving.

          For those staying:

                   Free time all day Saturday and Sunday for visitors staying to enjoy visiting local historic, scenic, and tourist areas.  (LINK)


          Educational programs and activities, and entertainment and worship opportunities available in the village will be posted in the village store.