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     Education in proven, sustainable Living



          Sustainability in every aspect of our lives should be our goal. Living close to the earth for generations requires true sustainability.

           Our craftsmen teach the traditional skills in construction: Our housing should use materials at hand, close to the earth.

           Our gardeners and farmers teach how food can be derived from close to home, and will build the earth, not take from it.

           Our entire village is as far off the grid as possible, we endeavor to leave a small footprint on the earth, not devastation. Our energy too should be sustainable over time.

           Limestone Village endeavors to introduce this sustainable philosophy in all of our traditional skills training, and in our village life.

           Come and share this rural village life with us for as long as you can, and learn from us, as we shall learn from you: from your history, from your spirit, and from your experiences you share with us.