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      Village History


          Yellow Dog Village was built over a century ago by a Pittsburgh Limestone Mining Co, who owned and operated a limestone mine on Buffalo Creek. Limestone was mined, crushed, and loaded on railroad cars and sold for construction, for lime, and for the steel industry.

          The workers had to travel for miles over unpaved muddy roads to get to work. They asked the owners of the mine if the company would build them housing close to the mine. The owners promised to take care of the workers, if they promised never to unionize against the mining company. Both sides kept their promise.

          For generations, the village provided homes, and was a community of close friends. Families were raised here. Hundreds of children grew up here with their friends, and formed the foundation for successful lives when they moved away on their own. Many of them keep in touch, and many come back and visit to relive their memories.

          The village fell into disrepair for many reasons; it too was a casualty of the housing bubble of almost a decade ago. Houses were vandalized, used as drug houses, windows and doors smashed, and it became overgrown with weeds and brush.



  Today, it is undergoing repair and restoration to the era of a century ago, and is being used for education in traditional rural skills and lifeways. Over time, it shall be a glowing example itself of re-purposing (a whole village)for sustainable living on the Earth.