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 Programs at Yellow Dog Village


19th century living and skills

          Live in the historic village, study and learn traditional rural crafts with skilled craftsmen. Live in a house without electricity, central heat, or modern conveniences, experience how they lived then, and to learn the skills they took for granted in making a comfortable life in that time. During that week, you can elect to study up to three subjects with the Craftsmen on a first-come, first-served enrollment.


    ONE DAY:  Workshops are offered by the resident and visiting Craftsmen, on a broad variety of subjects. Most workshops are about 5 hours long, held on one day, on introductory topics.

    WEEKEND WORKSHOPS: The weekend workshops are two days, Saturday and Sunday, offered by resident or visiting Craftsmen, on more advanced topics.

    WEEKDAY WORKSHOPS: The weekend workshops are five days, Monday through Friday, offered by resident or visiting Craftsmen, on more advanced topics.



          Only by request, arranged between craftsman and a visitor who has visited the village at least three weeks, so the craftsman can assess his interest, skill, and attentiveness, and value for this program.

Work / study programs

          Offered on rare occasions, by the village administration, to apprentices and regular visitors who have proven their interest, skill, consistency, attentiveness, and value to the village.


          Offered to select college students with guidance from the College or University Professor, as part of a college curriculum.