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Yellow Dog Village       

Opening  2017


   Opening with limited offerings in 2017. Because of the unusual nature of this Village Project,

the banks have required four months income to prove viability of the project, before they will give the

loan to do the improvements necessary to earn income. A catch 22... So, let's do it the old fashioned way!


We are opening by offering the programs that we can (mostly outdoors activities), and offering gift certificates and

prepaid reservations that will be honored when the improvements have progressed far enough to open our crafts and historic programs!

To help the village open our full program, please join in and help!


Be sure to read the articles about rural life found at www.yellowdogvillagecraftsmen.com


We offer the following activities here at

Yellow Dog Village for 2017



We give personal and family tours of the village and the houses, with a concentration on the history of the site, about an hour, $7 for each person.


Photographers can photograph the site for an hour or all day, for a fee. (From $25 per hour to $80 for all day.)

Horse Stable

We offer a variety of horse activities, that can include any of the following: 

Take a guided trail ride ($35)beginning with instruction and review on riding principles for safety, and then spend an enjoyable and relaxing hour riding one of our well-trained horses, led by our experienced staff on the trail along Buffalo Creek, and the neighboring slopes.

You can take a special one and a half hour introductory riding lesson ($50 each);

you can sign up for our beginner riding lesson series; or you can ride in our arena with supervision (Charged by the hour).

We also provide pony parties here or in your neighborhood.

Outdoor Activities

Our customers can fish here in Buffalo Creek, as it passes through our property. We don't allow the general public to fish there, so it is not fished out, but our customers would be given permission for a moderate fee. You can also swim, tube or Kayak on the creek.

You can also do overnight primitive camping, or stay overnight in a cleaned out, but not yet furnished house.


We will be adding more activities, as we repair houses, and add craftsmen. You can support us by spending a half day or full day in any of the above activities!

Be sure to Email or call for reservations, so we can plan your visit and make it enjoyable!


To reserve any of these activities, email in advance, and we can organize your visit!





 You can go back in Time!


Go back in time to experience the rural life in a village

of more than a century ago.

 Take time off from your job, and daily grind, for an educational experience you will never forget!

Learn the skills they used everyday,

study traditional crafts, and rediscover the rural philosophy of life.


Once we are fully open, we will offer:

An educational week spent in a century old mining village.

Choose your week.

Choose your crafts.

Go Back in Time.


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Yellow Dog Village is along Buffalo Creek, with opportunities to fish, swim, kayak, hike, and picnic. Horseback instruction is offered all year.

2017 is our first year, and we are working hard to rescue this village from an otherwise certain loss. Come on out for a week this year and help establish our programs by attending!


 email address:  reservations@yellowdogvillage.com